Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P7 Rm14 Miss Ramsay

Look at what we will be learning in Term 1

In Primary 7, our current topic is Historic Figures. We are very excited to be learning about Mary Queen of Scots. We are also creating our own personal projects on historic figures of our own choice. At the end of the term, these will be presented and shared with the class in a variety of ways.


In P.E, we are focussing on team tactics and how to collaborate ideas. This will be through team games such as, capture the flag and rounders.


We will be creating our own class charter and will focus on various Articles from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and link this with our class and school.


In Literacy, we are reminding ourselves of the reading strategies such as metalinguistics and visualisation and applying these to our class reading books. We are also currently reading “Escape Room” as our class novel. We are engaging with our “Starbooks” corner, where we enjoy a quiet spot to sit and relax. We also have “Starbooks” vouchers to stamp every time we finish a book and are looking forward to hopefully getting a class “Starbucks” themed reward for our fantastic class reading!


Pupils in Room 14 will be learning about the importance of building positive relationships in RSHP (Relationships, Sexual Health and Parenthood).


In Numeracy, we are focussing on the revision of our times tables, negative numbers, number patterns and algebra.