Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P6 Rm13 miss goodfellow

Wishing you a warm welcome from Primary 6 Rm13!

We have had a very busy year so far and still have lots of fun learning to do until the end of our P6 journey.

We have worked as a class to build relationships and support each other through all areas of the curriculum. 

Our Oracy skills have been expanding, encompassing all sorts of opportunities to talk such as debating, 1:1 and group dialogue, presentations to our peers and learning to talk like a specialist. We are becoming more confident when sharing information, thoughts and feelings in a constructive way and learning valuable skills for the future as we go!

We have been learning to consider others in our community and using money that we made from enterprise, we bought and donated food to a local foodbank. We voted as a class to use some of the money for a class treat and most of it to buy supplies and donate. We have learned how important it is to support others in our local community.

We are learning the importance of being role models to younger children in school. We have been working as buddies with a P2 class and have been playing games, paired reading and making up activities to do with them. We have also created a Buddy Bench in the playground. This is a bench (kindly donated from Westbank, the Growing Place, Perth) that children who feel sad or lonely go and sit on. Our class are on patrol at break and lunch time and if they see someone sitting on the bench, they will approach them and ask them to play. We have also trained P4to do the same during their break and lunch times. This promotes an inclusive playground environment and encourages new friendships to evolve.