Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P6 Rm13 Miss Goodfellow

Look at what we will be learning in Term 1

Welcome to our Primary 6 class where we are looking forward to a really busy year together. We are developing a respectful, inclusive classroom with lots of fun learning opportunities to share together at school and with our grown-ups at home!

This term we are learning about the life of Mary Queen of Scots. The class created some fantastic questions that they would like to explore further.  These include learning about where and when Mary was born, exploring the different castles that she resided in, who her family were, how she came to be on the throne, key events in her life that resulted in the tragic end and, as we explore these areas more questions will pop up for further research. 

We have a big focus on health and wellbeing and are encouraging each other to identify strengths and celebrate ways in which we are different, supporting others in the class. We have comment cards that we can fill in and give to others in school when we ‘catch’ them doing the right the thing. 

We are being given the opportunity to become play champions and are working with Leigh to create and learn games and then teach them to younger children in the school. A play champion’s duties include: teaching games to younger children, patrolling the playground to ensure all children are included in play and encouraging others to display positive playground behaviours. 

We are going to join up with Louisebrae for different events throughout the year. This will include story time, activity mornings and carol singing. This is a lovely way to give something back to the community and learn from a different generation!

We are looking forward to the term ahead and cannot wait for you to get involved and chat to your child about the exciting things they are learning in school. If there are any suggestions or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.