Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P6 Rm11 Miss Findlay

Look at what we will be learning in Term 1

In Primary 6 our context for learning for Term 1 is Mary Queen of Scots. We will be learning about the historical figure and how life has changed as well as looking at similarities and differences between her life and ours.

We will be focussing on our rights and how they are important to each of us. We have selected the rights we feel are important for our class. We have already created our class charter to help support us remember these.

We are very excited with the beads we can earn for hard work, showing respect for each other and being ready to learn. We can earn 10 points for a star bead if we do something exceptional. Respect for each other and staff within our school is something we feel we need to work on this term.

In Health and Wellbeing our focus is on what our ambitions are for the year and for the future as well as teambuilding skills in PE.

In Maths we are revising our understanding of place value and the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

In Literacy we are working hard on our Oracy skills to help us talk about our learning and develop our knowledge from discussion. We use the listening ladder and discussion guidelines to support us. We are also developing or writing skills through imaginative writing.