Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P4 Rm7 Mr Wright

Look at what we will be learning in Term 1

Well done to all the children in Room 7 for making such a great start back after the holiday. Everyone is remembering to be Ready to learn, to show Respect and to behave Safely. Certificates will be awarded at assemblies to reward children for their effort.



Our Context for Learning this term is “The World of Work”. We have started by writing interesting questions. For example:

  • “What qualifications and training do you need to be a nurse?”
  • “How do professional footballers learn their skills?”
  • “What equipment do vets use?”
  • “What equipment do rail track workers use?”
  •  “What does an ambulance technician do for their job?”

We are excited to meet some of our parents who are going to answer some of our questions about their jobs.

We have also chosen job group names. Our group names are Footballers, RAF, Navy, Youtubers, Bus Drivers and Astronauts.

We have started to create a class charter. The Rights we think are most important include: “The Right to Learn”, “The Right to be treated fairly" and “The Right to spend time with our friends”.  We designed vehicles for our charter display.




We are looking forward to improving our digital skills this year. So far, we have been using the iPads and laptops to improve our reading skills and we have been working on our numeracy skills using Sumdog. We have also been working hard on the laptops to complete spelling and reading assessments. We are continuing to use Teams for homework. 







Our PE days are Tuesday and Thursday and we are enjoying playing team games. 

Thankfully we are now allowed to go on school trips so we will be discussing where we would like to go soon.

We are in for a busy year in P4!