Tulloch Primary School

Tulloch Primary School
Courage and Compassion

P3 Rm5 Mrs Salmond

Look at what we will be learning in Term 1

In Primary 3, our context for learning will be all about Jobs and Careers, giving us the opportunity to explore the people who help us in our local community and the types of roles and responsibilities that different jobs provide.

We are looking for some adult volunteers to come in and talk about their jobs with our class, so please get in touch with the school office if you are able to help out!


We have already attended our first assembly of the year and are working on moving quietly around the school as well as developing our oracy skills in class. We will be identifying the ways in which we can demonstrate effective listening, as well as understanding when to take turns in developing and sharing our ideas and opinions.


We will be focussing on our rights this term and how important our rights are to each of us. We are creating a class charter to better understand these rights, and have already taken part in songs and games to explore these.


For learning in health and wellbeing, pupils in Room 5 will be focusing on having a growth mindset and developing resilience when times are tricky. We will be taking part in games and activities to help us with this learning.


We will be active in PE and develop our team building skills, with a particular focus on the strategies we can use to be successful and the ways in which we can support each other.


In maths we will be revising and developing our understanding of place value as well as challenging our addition and subtraction.


In literacy, we will be continuing to develop our phonics knowledge by identifying words with particular sounds and practising using these. We will also be practising our common words and building up our vocabulary through daily practise of these words.


We are in for a very action-packed and exciting first term of Primary 3!